Uncovering Dissatisfaction with Current Property Agent

Prospect: "I’m not interested; I’m happy with my agent."

Agent: "Do you mind me digging deeper? When you say you're happy, do you mean they are perfect?"

Prospect: "Well, not perfect; nobody’s perfect."

Agent: "Okay, so if you could change something, what would that be?"

Prospect: "They're not proactive in marketing my property or providing updates."

Sum up the problems and ask how it makes them feel….

Agent carries on with questions such as following questions: "How long has that been going on? What annoys you the most about that? And if they do that with you, how do you think they are acting with potential buyers of your property? "I understand. How does their lack of proactivity affect your confidence in their ability to sell your property effectively and that you may have lost a buyer already because of it? How does that make you feel?"

If they say they are perfect, ask:

Agent: "One last question. Okay, so if you could change something, what would that be?"

Challenge their answer

Again, you need to challenge them and get to their emotion and how their agent is making them unhappy for them to consider a change.


The Four Compelling Reasons for Listing or Changing Property Agents


Value: Demonstrate the utmost professionalism by asking insightful strategic questioning and building a strong foundation of trust with clients.


Money: Secure a better price for the property, ensuring a successful sale and minimize potential financial losses.


Time: Time is critical in the real estate market. How quickly can you sell their property compared to other agents?


Risk: What risks does the client face if they don't choose an experienced and reliable agent, even if it means paying more upfront?


Remember, when delving into emotions with Socratic questions, these are the fundamental drivers of client decision-making.


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