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I'm Freddie Pateman, the visionary behind The Confidence Clinic™.

My journey has been etched with a deep involvement in the world of business. At a juncture, I orchestrated a team of 30 adept individuals, guiding them towards collective accomplishments.

Yet, amidst the achievements and challenges, I sensed a void yearning to be filled. A yearning for something more profound, a pursuit transcending personal boundaries, fueling constant evolution and benevolence.

And so, I embraced change, steering toward uncharted horizons.

After immersing myself in intensive studies, I earned credentials as a psychoanalyst, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, NLP Master, and Educational Kinesiologist.

Over two decades ago, I laid the cornerstone of The Confidence Clinic™ on the illustrious Harley Street in London, illuminating the path to confidence for countless individuals.

For a comprehensive panorama of the myriad confidence challenges I've guided, refer to Get Help with These Specific Challenges (

My impact extended beyond individuals as I championed numerous sports performers and athletes in realizing their aspirations. Today, I extend my expertise to sports coaches, gyms, and personal trainers through a transformative course that unveils the inner workings of the mind, enabling swift client breakthroughs. Dive into the course at

In addition to bestowing an air of distinction as a Business Growth & Development Expert, I've empowered them with a strategic edge, setting them apart from competitors and enhancing their marketing prowess.

Freddie Pateman


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10 Harley Street Receipt From the year 2000

"Look- let’s pretend, and I’m not saying I can help you, but let’s pretend you believe I may have a solution for *your confidence challenge* and if you worked with me, you would transform your life and the next step is to book a personalized confidence assessment.

What would you want to do?"


"Book Your Personalised Confidence assessment!"