I'm Freddie Pateman, the founder of The Confidence Clinic™.

🌐Harley Street Excellence, Now Global

With over *two decades of experience* starting on the prestigious Harley Street in London, renowned for hosting top private doctors, I've dedicated myself to transforming lives, helping people radiate self-confidence. Now, I'm excited to extend my expertise to you worldwide through our accessible *online platform which is just as effective*.

🚀Unleashing Potential Through Specialized Techniques Include:

Hypnotherapy, Hypno-analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Belief-Enhanced Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Educational Kinesiology, 



"More Confidence Topics Here!”

"More Confidence Topics Here!”



"Look- let’s pretend, and I’m not saying I can help you, but let’s pretend you believe I may have a solution for *your confidence challenge* and if you worked with me, you would transform your life and the next step is to book a personalized confidence assessment.

What would you want to do?"

"Book Your Personalised Confidence Assessment Now!"