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I'm Freddie Pateman, the visionary behind The Confidence Clinic™.

My journey has been etched with a deep involvement in the world of business. At a juncture, I orchestrated a team of 30 adept individuals, guiding them towards collective accomplishments.

Yet, amidst the achievements and challenges, I sensed a void yearning to be filled. A yearning for something more profound, a pursuit transcending personal boundaries, fostering continual growth and kindness.

And so, I embraced change, steering toward uncharted horizons.

After immersing myself in intensive studies, I earned credentials as a psychoanalyst, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, NLP Master, and Educational Kinesiologist.

Over two decades ago, I established The Confidence Clinic™ on the illustrious Harley Street in London, illuminating the path to confidence for countless individuals.

For a comprehensive panorama of the myriad confidence challenges I've guided, including sales, refer to Get Help with These Specific Challenges (

My impact extended beyond individuals as I championed numerous sports performers and athletes in realizing their aspirations. Today, I extend my expertise to sports coaches, gyms, and personal trainers through a transformative course that unveils the inner workings of the mind, enabling swift client breakthroughs. Dive into the course at

Moreover, I have a special affinity for golfers, who have been among my most frequent clients. I comprehend the intricacies of your mental game and its impact on your physical performance.

My latest venture is working with sales professionals to build confidence through innovative corporate sales training and the utilization of the inner mind game, aimed at empowering ambitious companies.

Freddie Pateman


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