Neuro-Linguistic Programming


In this concise two-minute video, a neuroscientist explores the profound influence of your imagination.


Utilizing principles from neuro-linguistic programming, we apply techniques aimed at unleashing the power of your imagination.


Below are some of the techniques we utilize to cultivate confidence and achieve peak performance in your endeavors:


NLP or to give its full name neuro-linguistic programming is a broad field of practice. As such, we may use many different techniques that include the following:
  • Swish pattern: Changing patterns of behavior or thought to come to a desired instead of an undesired outcome.
  • Visual/kinesthetic dissociation (VKD): Remove negative thoughts and feelings associated with a past event.
  • Visualization: Program your subconscious for confidence by creating vibrant mental images of your desired outcomes.
  • Timelining: Navigate your timeline to unearth the origin of your challenge and progress towards a future where it's resolved.
  • Pattern Interrupts; Swiftly alter thought patterns, allowing for immediate shifts in perception, behavior, and emotional responses.


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