"Unlocking Your True Potential: Exploring Personality Types and Unleashing Hidden Strengths"



Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As a psychoanalyst, hypnotherapist, and neuro-linguistic programmer, I'm here to guide you through uncovering the depths of your personality. Within each individual lies a unique blend of traits, and by delving into the fascinating realms of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotic interventions, we can awaken dormant aspects of your character. Join me as we explore the archetypal personality types: Warrior, Settler, and Nomad, and embark on a transformative journey towards understanding who you are and what you can truly become.

Prepare to uncover your dominant 'tribe' and the blend of characteristics inherited from others within you. Answer a series of twelve questions with total honesty. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here, just your truth. Avoid trying to fit your responses to any preconceived notions; authenticity is key to revealing your true self. Each question is designed to unveil insights into your ancestry and inherited traits, guiding you towards discovering your genuine strengths. Take your time to contemplate each question before responding, as speed is not a factor. Rate each question on a scale of 1–10. Note down your answers.


How good are you at “sticking to your guns”? _____


How easily can you ‘speak your mind’? _____


How well do you control your emotions? _____


How methodical or fussy can you be? _____

TOTAL _____ (Divide by T=___)


How adaptable/indecisive can you be? _____


How important is it for you to be liked? _____


How much do you try to protect the feelings of others? _____


How easy-going are you? _____

TOTAL _____ (Divide by T=___)


How much do you like to stand out from the crowd? _____


How good are you at being the center of attention? _____


How spontaneous/impulsive can you be? _____


How excessively excitable or enthusiastic can you be?

TOTAL _____ (Divide by T=___) FINAL TOTAL ÷ 100 _________ = T


The first group of questions (1–4) assesses Warrior potentials; the second looks at the Settler traits; and the third is concerned with the Nomadic personality. Add the scores of each group together, giving three totals. Add them together and divide that total by 100, calling the answer ‘T’. By dividing the total of each group in turn by T, you will find the percentage of each group in any one individual.


Now you have discovered your true self, you may have had something of a surprise – many people do! You may even feel that you want to dispute the result. However, it is unlikely to be wrong, especially if there is more than about 5% difference between the two highest percentages. Where there is less than this, you will probably find yourself exhibiting fairly even amounts of each group.


Ancient Warrior: Our ancestors embodied the essence of the Warrior - robust and physically imposing, yet their strength extended beyond mere brawn. At their prime, they mastered strategic planning, foreseeing every conceivable challenge with acute precision. Embracing a pragmatic approach, they prioritized control and dominance, often at the expense of compassion or sentiment. Their demeanor was marked by ruthless determination, unfazed by the emotions of others. Sensitivity and abstract ideals were foreign concepts to our ancestral Warriors; instead, they thrived on practicality, armed with tools, strategies, and foolproof tactics.

Contemporary Warrior: Modern Warriors inherit the ancestral legacy of control, equipped with contemporary skills and attributes to match. They exude readiness for aggression, possess adept manipulation skills, and boast unparalleled mental agility.

Physique: Warriors exhibit minimal physical animation, maintaining a composed and vigilant demeanor during interactions. Their expressions betray little, if any, internal thought processes, characterized by a steady and penetrating gaze. Tension or anxiety manifests through taut body language and a demeanor leaning towards irritability or hostility. Responses to questions are measured, often carefully worded to preserve flexibility.

Positive Traits

  • Determined, tenacious, goal-oriented • Brilliant organizational skills • Excellent planner • Energetic and vigorous • Calm and unruffled in emergencies • Independent and self-sufficient • Perceptive • Sound decision-making skills • Security-conscious and discreet • Natural team leader • Quick thinker • Skilled at exploiting advantages • Methodical approach to planning • Excellent problem-solvers • Practical and logical • Accurate assessment of situations • Strong memory for facts and figures

Negative Traits

  • Inclined towards force over subtlety • Domineering and impatient • Rude and sarcastic demeanor • Ruthless determination • Manipulative tendencies • Aversion to admitting fault • Secret self-doubt • Proneness to phobias or obsessions • Tendency towards bad temper

Warriors may find themselves in the following professions:

In the realm of business and leadership, positive Warriors ascend to commanding heights, dominating fields such as military leadership, corporate executives, legal practitioners, and political figures.




Ancient Settler: Settlers epitomized peace and harmony, seeking a tranquil existence to tend to their land and nurture their families. Community-minded and adaptable, they embraced communal tasks and valued harmony within their group. Their resilient nature and resourcefulness allowed them to thrive amidst challenges, resorting to aggression only when absolutely necessary for defense. Patience and optimism defined their outlook, as they found contentment in the present while remaining hopeful for the future.

Contemporary Settler: Modern Settlers continue the legacy of adaptability and problem-solving, often gravitating towards nurturing professions or roles requiring diplomacy and tact. Known for their affable nature and genuine concern for others, they excel in caring for the vulnerable and facilitating harmonious relationships. Despite occasional setbacks, Settlers persevere with unwavering optimism and commitment to resolving challenges.

Physique: Settlers engage actively during conversations, demonstrating responsive body language and facial expressions. Expressions mirror the conversation's tone, with smiles or polite disagreement conveyed appropriately. Tension may manifest through accelerated movements and speech, accompanied by visible signs of stress or worry.

Positive Traits

  • Empathetic and compassionate • Exceptional communication skills • Persuasive and diplomatic • Optimistic and cheerful • Confident and easygoing • Tolerant of differing opinions • Instinctively responsive to others • Skilled negotiators • Flexible and adaptable • Resilient in the face of adversity

Negative Traits

  • Sometimes indecisive or under-confident • Excessive need for approval • Difficulty asserting boundaries • Overly influenced by others' opinions • Self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy • Prone to shyness or depression • Tendency to dwell on failures

Settlers may find themselves in the following professions:

Teachers, Counselors/Therapists, Nurses, Human Resources, Community Organizers, Event Planners.

These professions leverage Settlers' strengths in communication, empathy, and adaptability, allowing them to make meaningful contributions in various fields.




Ancient Nomad: Nomads embraced a life of freedom and independence, eschewing emotional attachments and the rigors of settlement. Wanderers by nature, they traversed landscapes with ease, reveling in spontaneity and adventure. Adaptable and resourceful, they relied on wit and charisma to navigate life's challenges, embodying resilience and self-sufficiency.

Contemporary Nomad: Modern Nomads epitomize individuality and flair, drawn to unconventional paths and exciting endeavors. While not necessarily traversing distant lands, they exude a desire for novelty and excitement, often seeking attention and admiration. Though prone to excess and flamboyance, their creativity and enthusiasm uplift those around them, infusing joy and vitality into any setting.

Physique: Nomads exude animated behavior, characterized by exaggerated movements and expressive gestures. Their outgoing nature is evident in lively interactions, often punctuated by humor and spontaneity. Under pressure, they may become louder and more expansive in their actions, seeking to maintain a vibrant presence.

Positive Traits

  • Charismatic and outgoing • Enthusiastic about new experiences • Inspirational and innovative • Confident and extroverted • Uninhibited in expression • Skilled problem-solvers • Versatile and adaptable • Charismatic storytellers • Generous and outgoing

Negative Traits

  • Often unreliable or fickle • Impatient for instant gratification • Exaggeration of successes • Self-centered tendencies • Difficulty saying "No" • Disregard for own attributes • Feelings of failure or inadequacy • Prone to attention-seeking behavior

Nomads may find themselves in the following professions:

Sales Representatives, Social media influencers, Actors/Performers, Entrepreneurs, Public Relations, Marketing Specialists, Event Planners/Coordinators, Travel Guides/Explorers

Nomads excel in roles that allow them to express their unique perspective and connect with others on a deeper level. Their dynamic and outgoing nature makes them effective communicators and influencers in various fields. Whether they're engaging with clients as sales representatives, captivating audiences as actors or performers, or shaping public perception as PR specialists, Nomads bring a sense of excitement and creativity to everything they do. Their ability to think outside the box and embrace new challenges makes them valuable assets in dynamic and ever-evolving industries.



In conclusion, it's important to recognize that each person possesses a distinct combination of traits waiting to be uncovered. Through the captivating techniques of neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotic interventions, we have the power to awaken dormant aspects of your character, paving the way for personal growth and transformation.

Take the first step towards self-discovery. Contact me today and embark on a journey of empowerment.