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Objection - Have You Worked in This Area Before?

Curious how a savvy property sales agent turns questions into opportunities?

In this intriguing video snippet, witness a fascinating exchange between an agent and a prospect.
When asked about their experience in a specific area, the agent's response isn't what you'd expect. Instead of a simple "yes" or "no," they delve deeper, unraveling the prospect's true concerns.
It's a masterclass in communication, showcasing how understanding the deeper meaning behind questions can unlock doors to collaboration. Ready to uncover the art of effective dialogue?
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How to deal with ....

Day 2   Done


Day 3    Let Me Think It Over!


Day 4   Can You Send Me Something?


Day 5   I'm The Decision Maker!

"Unlocking Your Sales Potential: The Power of The Inner Mind Game"

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Experience a 25-50% increase in performance in just 2 minutes.

But don't just take my word for it – watch this video by Jim Quick, renowned for his super quick learning techniques.

In this video, he demonstrates a powerful aspect of the inner mind game, showcasing real-time results before a live audience. Witness firsthand the remarkable results of The Inner Mind Game:

Ask yourself - Why do Olympic Athletes spend 75% of their time training in their mind?

"Can you not imagine using techniques like this to enhance your sales performance?"

And consider this: "The audience concludes that the limitation is in their mind, do you disagree?"

"Don't Hire Me! - I'm serious!"

Whether you're a lone sales agent or a CEO seeking to enhance your sales force, do consider alternative options. Hiring a coach, delving into literature, recruiting fresh talent, or maintaining the status quo are all more convenient and cost-effective alternatives.

However, true transformation begins with introspection staring into the mirror and confronting your reflection. Real change emanates from within, and while the results of working with me may seem miraculous, they are merely a reflection of the changes you initiate.

Listen to the word "mirror - call" (a call to your mirror).

If you've exhausted these avenues and remain committed to genuine progress, then perhaps it's time to...

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