Pattern Interrupt on a Cold Telephone Call  


"Hello, I'll cut to the chase. I'm one of those dreaded, untrustworthy estate agents everyone loves to loathe. Do you want to hang up, or let me have 30 seconds and then decide? Sound fair?"


Continue with dialogue on Door-to-Door Mastery,


Finish with…

One last question: Are you going to get off the phone and think, "Oh my god, what have I just done? I booked a meeting with an estate agent, are you?"


They’ll probably say no. You say, "Why not?" They probably say, "I’m looking forward to it."


This eliminates dropouts.


Remember: As we go through the course, use a voice recorder to practice and play back to see how you sound. Also, play out situations with friends or family. You need to cut your teeth by actually cold calling and using these methods.



If you get through to voicemail

Hello, this is "your name", you can reach me at 000. I was recently in touch with a colleague who suggested we have a chat. Could you...[end call]


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